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Cool Sun Valley Video!


Moose Madness!

How Cool is Sun Valley!  Here’s a shot of a huge moose that was hanging out in my backyard this week end snacking on some branches while I sipped coffee in the family room.  Be sure to take advantage of the incredible buyers market we are experiencing and you too can have a moose in your Sun Valley backyard.  Or an elk, deer, fox, bear…


Who’s that in the Jet?

Bill Gates?  Oprah?  Probably, and with the annual Allen and Company event in Sun Valley there are many more corporate celebrities on hand.  Each year the investment banking firm Allen and Company from New York holds this summit of the best minds in the media and technology sectors to share thoughts and ideas.  Right here at the Sun Valley Resort.  Behind closed doors, high profile meetings and conversations take place that shape the future of media and technology as we know it.  Some of this years attendee’s include:  Bill Gates billionaire founder of Microsoft, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett billionaire investor, Rupert Murdoch News Corp media mogul, Mark Zuckerberg founder of  Facebook, Tom Brokaw, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Harvey Weinstein of Mirimax Films, Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger.  And many more.

For about 4 days Friedman Memorial Airport looks like LaGuardia with corporate jets stacked ten deep waiting to pick up and drop off their high profile passengers.  This event has come to represent a highly anticipated and appreciated event by bringing a ton of national media attention and exposure for Sun Valley.  Plus, the CEO’s are invited to bring along family members who provide a huge financial shot in the arm for local businesses.  Hop in your jet and come see us next year.

New Supermarket in Ketchum…Roxy’s!

roxys marketA big welcome to the latest addition here in Sun Valley: Roxy’s Market, a grocery/deli in Ketchum, which replaced Williams Market.

The market, which opened on June 1st, has a “contemporary feel.” It is a “high-tech, warehouse industrial” building, which sells products that you could find in many health-food stores as well as natural and organic body products.

Welcome to Sun Valley, Roxy’s!

Hailey, Idaho 4th Of July Parade

4th of July Parade Hailey IdahoHailey’s 4th of July Parade – Celebrating 130 Years of History!

In 2011, Hailey celebrates 130 years of its history, which is the theme of Hailey’s Independence Day parade.

 Join the Hailey Chamber and the community in the celebration of the Independence Day, experience the western spirit of Hailey and be in the parade! What better way to advertise your business, celebrate family or class reunion!

Registration deadline is Friday, July 1st, 12:00 noon.

Go to to register on-line, or stop by the Hailey Chamber at 706 S. Main (formerly Hailey Medical Clinic) and pick up the application form. The parade fee is $45. For more information, please call 788-3484.

Pretty Skies in Sun Valley!

double rainbow

Follow this awesome post-storm double rainbow to find your pot of gold here in Hailey!

Friedman Memorial Airport Redevelopment. Great Opportunity?

friedman memorial redevelopment plan Hailey IdahoSo what do you do with a former airport site in a small resort town?  Redevelop, of course.  Here are a few of the ideas the power’s that be including the City of Hailey have proposed as part of the master planned redevelopment.  Hotel and conference center.  Fitness Center.  Below grade trail connectors between the redevelopment and existing neighborhoods like Woodside.  Residential and Multi-Family housing units.  R & D Campus (INEL, for instance).  Institutional Campus or extension (University of Idaho?  Boise State?  BYU Sun Valley?).  Corporate Campus?  R&D/Corporate Campus.  Large Format Retail.

The only use category that received any negative feedback by the public and city officials was the large format retail.  Home Depot, Costco and Target don’t seem to sit well with a lot of locals.  I don’t think most of the big box retailers would chose to locate here anyway since we don’t have the population base to support a store of that size.

Big Bike

Sun Valley Idaho BikingNext time you are in downtown K-Town stop by the Ketchum Town Square and check out the cool welded bike art.  You can’t miss it.  Plus, while you are there you can grab an ice cream at Leroy’s or maybe check out a show or local event in the square.  Good times in the summer.  Remember, its the Sun Valley winters that bring us, but it’s the summers that keep us.

Backyard Chickens in Hailey, Idaho

Backyard Chickens in Hailey, Idaho

Hailey Idaho backyard chickens increase sustainability in Blaine CountyLast year, Hailey City Council approved backyard chickens for a trial period of one (1) year. Next year, the City Council will review the ordinance again and determine whether the ordinance should be renewed to allow backyard chickens without a permit or whether they should be prohibited with or without a conditional use permit.

Prior to May, 2010 it was confusing as to the status of backyard chickens.  The Hailey City Council had been discussing the topic at their meetings but evidently had not made a final decision on the matter.  However, the word on the street was that up to 5 hens were going to be allowed.  An article in the Idaho Mountain Express talked about it and basically gave the impression that backyard chickens were a go.

So everybody went, even though they weren’t really allowed yet.  Chicken coops began springing up all over Hailey.  I built a really cool one that is an exact replica of my house.  Mine has enough room to easily house 5 chickens.  In fact, it even has a dual pane window and a fully insulated hen house with heat lamps and luxury roosting area for winter.  Plus, there is a large open area for scratching and clucking in during the day.  In fact, it is so roomy that we picked up a few rabbits from the Wood River Animal Shelter to live there, too.  The chickens and the rabbits get along very well.  I think they even like each other.  Backyard Chicken Coop in Hailey Idaho is good for the environment and great for real estate in Hailey, Idaho Plus, they don’t take up too much real estate in your yard so almost any size property can handle a few birds.

My wife loves her chickens and calls them “the ladies.”  They are great for the kids, too.  Neighboring kids and adults  like to come by and feed them some grass and watch them for a while.  It’s amazing that each chicken lays an egg pretty much every day.  And the eggs are beautifully colored with various shades of tan and brown, blue and green.  But once you crack one open you really see the difference.  The yolks are bright yellow and very firm.  The whites are super shiny and the edges and lines between yolk and white are very clear and distinct.  Once you eat one, the difference is huge.  They are delicious and no store bought egg can compare.

We can never eat all of the eggs so we are constantly giving Read the rest of this entry »

Let ‘er Buck!

Hailey Idaho Rodeo GroundsThe new Hailey rodeo grounds are starting to take shape.  In the last few months the bathrooms, concession stands and other base level foundations have been laid.  Now they are rolling out the metal framing for the grandstand steps and it’s looking good.  Be sure to come to the opening ceremony on July 1st.  It will be ready to rock and roll just in time for the first rodeo on the 4th of July.  Let ‘er buck Hailey, Idaho style!!!