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Backyard Chickens in Hailey, Idaho

Backyard Chickens in Hailey, Idaho

Hailey Idaho backyard chickens increase sustainability in Blaine CountyLast year, Hailey City Council approved backyard chickens for a trial period of one (1) year. Next year, the City Council will review the ordinance again and determine whether the ordinance should be renewed to allow backyard chickens without a permit or whether they should be prohibited with or without a conditional use permit.

Prior to May, 2010 it was confusing as to the status of backyard chickens.  The Hailey City Council had been discussing the topic at their meetings but evidently had not made a final decision on the matter.  However, the word on the street was that up to 5 hens were going to be allowed.  An article in the Idaho Mountain Express talked about it and basically gave the impression that backyard chickens were a go.

So everybody went, even though they weren’t really allowed yet.  Chicken coops began springing up all over Hailey.  I built a really cool one that is an exact replica of my house.  Mine has enough room to easily house 5 chickens.  In fact, it even has a dual pane window and a fully insulated hen house with heat lamps and luxury roosting area for winter.  Plus, there is a large open area for scratching and clucking in during the day.  In fact, it is so roomy that we picked up a few rabbits from the Wood River Animal Shelter to live there, too.  The chickens and the rabbits get along very well.  I think they even like each other.  Backyard Chicken Coop in Hailey Idaho is good for the environment and great for real estate in Hailey, Idaho Plus, they don’t take up too much real estate in your yard so almost any size property can handle a few birds.

My wife loves her chickens and calls them “the ladies.”  They are great for the kids, too.  Neighboring kids and adults  like to come by and feed them some grass and watch them for a while.  It’s amazing that each chicken lays an egg pretty much every day.  And the eggs are beautifully colored with various shades of tan and brown, blue and green.  But once you crack one open you really see the difference.  The yolks are bright yellow and very firm.  The whites are super shiny and the edges and lines between yolk and white are very clear and distinct.  Once you eat one, the difference is huge.  They are delicious and no store bought egg can compare.

We can never eat all of the eggs so we are constantly giving Read the rest of this entry »

Sweet Sun Valley Aerial.

This is one of the best Sun Valley Aerials I have seen.  Great views of all of Baldy, Warm Springs, Big Wood area and golf course,  Saddle Road, Northwood area, downtown and West Ketchum and the White Cloud golf course in Sun Valley.  Now that’s some real estate.

Sun Valley Idaho Aerial Photograph

Let ‘er Buck!

Hailey Idaho Rodeo GroundsThe new Hailey rodeo grounds are starting to take shape.  In the last few months the bathrooms, concession stands and other base level foundations have been laid.  Now they are rolling out the metal framing for the grandstand steps and it’s looking good.  Be sure to come to the opening ceremony on July 1st.  It will be ready to rock and roll just in time for the first rodeo on the 4th of July.  Let ‘er buck Hailey, Idaho style!!!

Twin Creeks Neighborhood in Elkhorn. Good Clean Livin’…

Boulder Mountain Sun Valley and Elkhorn Real Estate Property For SaleJust the facts, ma’am.  Twin Creeks neighborhood in  Elkhorn.   Insane views of  the Boulder Mountains.   Direct and easy access to bike path.  Five minutes to River Run parking lot, three to Dollar.   Quiet and low traffic street is great for kids & families.  Easy access to thousands of acres of protected federal land.  Just head out your back door to hike and ski.   Great all day sun exposure.  Very private feel to homes  surrounded  by 4 acre lots.  All internet, cell and city services available.   Check out   WWW.SUNVALLEYESTATELOT.COM for neighborhood profile.  If you like the look of that, check out my listing at 418 Juniper Road.  3.68 acre estate view lot.  Listed at $650,000.

Burned Out City Dweller? Idaho’s Got You Covered…

Check out this video on The Great Idaho Getaway.  Cool overview of all that Idaho has to offer the tired, sore and weary.  Great spot on Sun Valley, too.


Going With The Flow…Hailey

Hailey T Shirt

It’s no secret the population of the Wood River Valley has been gradually migrating from north to south.  Flowing like the Bigwood River downstream from Ketchum toward Hailey.

Not too many years ago, Hailey was the town 12 miles south of where everyone wanted to Ketchum.  But as the valley has grown and matured,  both in terms of real estate market conditions and population demographics, the southward shift is easier to understand.

The most obvious trend we’ve seen is full time valley residents moving out of Ketchum and into Hailey.  Offering more ore affordable real estate,  larger home size, easier day to day living for shopping and groceries and most of the valley schools,  Hailey makes sense for a lot of people, especially families.

Ketchum has largely become an area dominated by “second homers” and vacation property owners which has further driven the full time population south.

Same thing for many mid valley locations.  East Fork, Zinc Spur, Indian Creek are all attracting Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Valley Rental Properties on Facebook

homes for rentVery cool.  The Sun Valley Board of Realtors (formerly the Sawtooth Board of Realtors) has set up a discussion board on their Facebook page.  If you have a rental or are looking for a rental this is the place for you.  You can post your “have/want” ads there and let the magic happen.  Check out the site by clicking here.

The rental market is quite active these days and I am seeing some great offerings, both for short term and long term rentals.  Check it out and try before you buy.

Finally Home in Hailey

Hailey Idaho Real Estate For First Time Home BuyersThe College of Southern Idaho (CSI) in Hailey will be offering a non-credit home buyer’s education course called Finally Home, on April 12 and 19 from 6-10pm.  The course is designed for first-time buyers and addresses some of the issues potential homeowners face in the process of purchasing a home. The cost to register for this 8-hour 2-part class is $20 and students can register at or by calling 732-6442. Class size is limited so check it out quickly if you are interested.   Knowledge is good.

Barron’s Says Sun Valley Is One Of The Best.

Sun Valley Idaho Real Estate PressToday Barons Magazine rates Sun Valley, Idaho as one of the countries best places for second homes.

Market trends indicate the real estate rebound is firmly in place.  The rich customer base has dusted themselves off and have resumed some serious discretionary spending.  The market trends for luxury vacation properties, the greatest indulgence of all, are back, baby.

Prices for the winners of Baron’s top places have rebounded, dramatically in some cases.  The time may well have come for you to jump into the market.  I think I might have mentioned this a while ago in my post back in December called Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered. Check it out.

Some of our elite company included Maui, The Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Deer Valley, Palm Beach and Pebble Beach.  A nice crowd.

Here’s what they had to say about Sun Valley:

“If you happen to be a media mogul, you already know about this place thanks to the annual high octane confabs put on by Allen and Company.”

“The skiing, of course, is Read the rest of this entry »

What’s It’s Going To Take To Keep Sun Valley Great?

Sun Valley Idaho is GreatEverybody knows Sun Valley as a classic and traditional four season family resort,  right? At least that’s what we’ve been known for in the past.  But what is Sun Valley now?  What does Sun Valley need to be?  Where are we heading? All good  questions.

Most recently there has been a lot of shake up with the long range planning. marketing and promotion of  Sun Valley.  We’ve seen consolidation and restructuring of the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, creation of new marketing alliances between Sun Valley and Ketchum and the hiring of a new advertising agency to represent the Sun Valley Company.  All with one goal  in mind.  To increase demand for Sun Valley.

So how to increase demand for Sun Valley?

From a marketing perspective it will require cooperation and coordination between the Sun Valley Company and the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley.  Joining forces to create one cohesive brand for the area through shared efforts.  But the actual marketing is the back end effort used to attract the end user.

The end user, the visitor,  is what really Read the rest of this entry »